Volume 1, Issue 5

March 2010

Making the Case for The Arts

ISSN 1835 – 2776


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    Volume 1, Issue 5.1

    Editorial by Max Wyman
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.2

    Using the Visual Arts to Harness Creativity
    Dr Frances Alter
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.3

    Expanding Possibilities for Undeserved and Marginalised Youth Using Freire’s Critical Pedagogy of Active and Reflective Arts Practice
    Roberta Altman, Mousumi De
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.4

    The Tyranny of Distance – Viability and Relevance in Regional Live Music Performance
    Christina Ballico, Dr Dawn Bennett
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.5

    Artist Meets Audience: Understanding the Social Meaning of Art on the Internet
    Joke Beyl, Joke Bauwens PhD
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.6

    Creativity and Arts-based Knowledge Creation in Diverse Educational Partnership Practices
    Dr Angeliki Triantafyllaki, Dr Pamela Burnard
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.7

    Finding ‘The Power to Believe’ – Creating Multi-Model Texts in the Intermediate Classroom
    Dr Miriam Davidson, Dr Mary Ladky
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.8

    Book Review – Exploring Social Justice: How Music Education Might Matter
    Juliet Hess
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.9

    The Weavers’ Exploration in Abu-Dhabi’s Western Region
    Leila Ben-Gacem
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.10

    Creativity in the City: The New Measure
    Dr Linda Lees
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.11

    Advancing Inclusive Education and 21st Century Learning Skills Through the Arts
    Géraldine D. Simonnet, James E. Modrick
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.12

    If I Could Design My Own School: Students’ Perceptions of Their Learning Spaces
    Julia Brook, Jennifer Davis, Holly Ogden, Anna Peterson, Meagan Troop, Rena Upitis
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    Volume 1, Issue 5.13

    Teachers’ Experiences of Professional Development Programs in the Arts: Generalist Teachers as Arts Advocates
    Rena Upitis, Azadeh Atri, Catherine Keely, Anna Lewis

In recent years it has become increasingly evident that those who wish to advance the cause of the arts, culture and creativity as a recognized element of social policy and as a significant contributor to the new imagination economy have to find new arguments and evidentiary materials in their support, and new ways to present them.

The importance of advocacy of this kind (also referred to as public awareness or consciousness-raising) was emphasized in the Road Map that emerged from the UNESCO World Conference on Arts and Learning in Lisbon in 2006, and has been adopted as one of the three principal areas of interest and action by the World Alliance for Arts and Education at the World Creativity Summits of 2007 and 2008. Scholars and researchers address these issue from a broad variety of perspectives for this edition of the UNESCO Observatory E-journal.

The guest editor is Max Wyman, writer, critic, editor, cultural commentator, arts policy consultant, politician (he was the Mayor of Lions Bay, BC from 2005-2008), Officer of the Order of Canada, former President of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and author of ‘The Defiant Imagination: Why Culture Matters’. He led the Canadian delegation to the Lisbon conference, chaired the research team that prepared the Canadian report presented in Portugal, and has participated in each of the subsequent World Creativity Summits.

This refereed e-journal promotes the focus of the UNESCO Observatory for Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts to inform the development of future initiatives in this expanding field. The Observatory is establishing an international database of research to provide scientifically sound evidence of the individual and social significance of the impact of the arts, culture and heritage issues in education and across communities.